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Transform your listings to SELL!


When listing your items, very minor changes in the details of the presentation can make ALL the difference when it comes to increasing your chances of selling. 

Take the above photo, for instance. Which dress is more appealing to you? I’m sure in just 1 second you said the one on the right. It’s appearance is more pleasing, and you almost envision yourself slipping right into it - ALL because of the addition of accessories. Women tend to purchase items they can relate to and see themselves wearing, and the necklaces and belt tie it all together to do just that!

In addition to the accessories, the lighting in the photo on the right really highlights the details of the fabric and how beautifully it drapes. 

We spoke to the seller of the item, Caro, who told us it literally took her just ONE extra minute to toss on those accessories and find a new spot in her home with brighter light. This is coming from the girl who has sold the most items on Threadflip, so you can definitely trust her advice :)

So, if you want to start selling more, try out these 2 small tips! Better light and ACCESSORIZE!

xo, Team TF