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Top Seller Tips & Tricks


Have tons of items in your closet and not enough eyeballs? We hear you! In this post, we will give you some tips and tricks from our top sellers to give some ideas around how to get your clothes more love.

Here we GO!!!

1. Brands 

A lot of fast fashion and independent designers typically don’t sell well. Here is a list of brands we don’t accept. As a general rule anything on the unaccepted list isn’t worth selling after shipping costs have been added in, so its usually not worth sending them in.

 On the other hand, other brands like Tory Burch, Michael Kors, and Louis Vuitton sell at lightening speed, especially when priced well!

It’s important to keep this in mind first and foremost when deciding what to sell on the site. Of course, the ultimate decision is yours.


2.  Photo quality

The product is the FIRST thing the community sees, so it has to make a positive impression in order to drive interest! Here are some tips to taking the best photo possible:

Use a dress form

When the item is on a dress form it comes to life better than it does on a bed or the floor.

White background

Let the product have the spotlight. Taking a photo with a colorful background takes away from your beautiful product.

Natural light

We know you’re not a professional photographer and so you probably don’t have professional equipment! A pro-tip is to use natural light as your lighting. Taking shots in the bathroom or in a dark place distorts the color of the product.


Lots of shots

The more photographs you have from different angles, the better. Show the product from the front, back, and side! For SHOES, always take a pic of the soles so the community can see their true condition. For bags, we recommend taking a photo of the inside so everyone can see the interior structure - pockets, etc.

Serial numbers

If your item is high-end and comes with a serial number or any kind of authentication, show it in the photo series. It helps validate it’s real! Another important point - if it is authentic, STATE IT. 


3.  Pricing

It might take a bit of digging to figure out what the original retail price of your item was. It’s important to list this so the community can see how much they are saving. Makes sense, right?! Buyers on Threadflip are usually looking for a deal. We recommend listing items 25-75% off the retail price depending on the age and condition of the item.

PRO-TIP: We offer a service called Full Service where we take care of all of these things for you. It is most definitely hassle free with all the benefits - up to 80% back. Get into it. We definitely are!


These tips will help your clothes sell faster so you can keep buying more! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more discounts and selling tips.

Customer Service Straight Talk: Return Policy & Process


Take a minute and think back to junior high - yeah, it’s a random ask but humor us. Every once in a while we would get these strange pains in our joints. Do you remember that?! They are called growing pains and man, they hurt - BAD. We’re growing - fast!! - and that’s awesome, but with growth comes growing pains.

As a startup, our growing pains are a bit different but they’re still there and they still hurt. It’s important to us that they don’t break your trust and faith in our marketplace. So, we have identified the top five questions you guys ask our customer service team and would like to answer you - in detail.  Over the next five weeks we’re gonna take a step from talking about fashion and trends once a week to talk to you *straight* about the questions and concerns you have.

After all, WE are not here without YOU.

First up to tackle is returns - both the policy and the process. Here is where you can find the return policy on our site.

Actually, let’s back up a bit… to start off, we should probably explain how our site works first. See, the experience has two different viewpoints because we have two different customers - buyers AND sellers. So, our return policy has to protect both sides of the market!

Well, this how we’ve tackled it…

As a blanket statement all returns are up to the SELLER. So, our BUYERS have to be certain they want the item.

If a buyer purchases an item and it’s in the same condition described by the seller but doesn’t fit the way they thought, then we recommend listing it back in your closet on Threadflip! If you liked it, chances are someone else will too. 

Now, if the item is Faulty, Fake, or Falsely advertised (FFF) the seller is required to accept the return. If this happens to you, we ask that you contact customer service and the seller within three days of receiving the item to flag the transaction and initiate the refund process.  

If you have any more questions, here is where you can find our Return Policy. You may also contact our customer service team at We try extremely hard to address all concerns within a 48-72 hour window. Please keep in mind that our community is growing quickly and so that means a lot more inquiries.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram too! Happy flipping!

Claire - Ferragamo

Raise your hand if you are a fan of Salvatore Ferragamo!

Did you know that Ferragamo is responsible for spawning the wedge and the cage heel? Unlike other designers, Salvatore Ferragamo infused a foundation of science in his creative approach to shoe design. A wide variety of celebrities have an affinity for the designer house and continue to wear his line on the red carpet.

Top Seller, Claire Ponriou actively hunts down Ferragamo products to sell. She’s some what of an expert on his design so we asked for her thoughts on what makes his design so unique.  

Q: Where do you live?

A: Athens, Greece


Q: How long have you been selling consignment on Threadflip?

A: I have been selling on Threadflip for the last 5 months.


Q: What is it about the designer that makes you like to wear their clothes?

A: Salvatore Ferragamo has a rich history (June 5, 1898 – August 7, 1960) as an Italian shoe designer. He worked with many Hollywood stars in the 1920s, before returning to Italy to found the eponymous company making unique handmade footwear.


Q: What was the first item you purchased from your designer partner?

A: The first thing I ever bought by Ferragamo was a pair of Black Leather Ankle Booties. This was about 15 years ago and I still manage to use them. They are of course premium leather; have a classic cut; medium height sturdy heels; with a small goldtone engraved logo. They are the pair I go to when I want to look chic for everyday.


Q: How does your designer partner allow you to express yourself?

A: I borrowed the following paragraph from Amanda Mull of Purse Blog as it epitomizes how I feel about the Ferragamo brand:

“More so than most American brands, who tend to try to please a crowd, Italian designers often have very specific customers. The Ferragamo items in general are polished, expensive-looking and just distinctive enough to warrant attention without being so over the top as to violate Ferragamo’s history of relative conservatism. And indeed, that history is apparent throughout the whole collection each year, which are the kinds of pieces a very successful woman could easily carry into a strict workplace without violating anyone’s sense of propriety or taste but still representing herself as totally in control of her personal style.”


Q: What has been the favorite piece you have sold of your designer partner?

A: My favorite piece has to be a pair of bright red iconic Varina ballerina flats with grosgrain vara bow and goldtone medallion at vamp. This was one of the first items I ever sold when I opened our shop! Such a cult classic piece and unmistakably a Ferragamo treasure!


Q: Anything else you would like to share about yourself…

A: I love the business I am in! I get to see and touch many iconic designer pieces, items that will no longer be produced as cost are nowadays so huge for handmade pieces. By owning a second hand store, I get the opportunity to sell items treasured by many that are super hard to find. In turn, giving customers the pleasure of finally discovering what they were looking for - at a fraction of the retail price! All the while making money… it is really priceless! And let’s be honest, I get to keep some of these gorgeous pieces to enjoy myself. It’s a dream.

Gigi is SO Gucci

Top Seller, Gigi Reed is no stranger to Gucci. In just a few months, Gigi has skyrocketed from a woman who needed to consolidate her closet to move across the country to being one of our seller stars.

The products she sells speak for themselves - they are always in incredible shape and highly desirable brands. See for yourself:

We decided to take a little time to get to know her and all the things about Gucci that she loves!


Q: Where do you live?

A: I just moved to Durham, North Carolina from San Francisco a little over a month  ago.

Q: How long have you been selling consignment on Threadflip?

A: I started selling with Threadflip right before I moved. It was so nice to be able to sell some of the clothes I no longer wear before moving across the country.

Q: What is it about the designer that makes you like to wear their clothes?

A: Gucci is such an iconic brand. I love the history behind the label; the GG logo, the metal horsebit, the crest.

Q: What was the first item you purchased from your designer partner?

A: These sunglasses. They were my first pair of designer sunglasses and I wore them everywhere.

Q: How does your designer partner allow you to express yourself?

A: I love how Gucci pays tribute to their archives and history but always stays on trend. I think that’s something I aspire to do. Walk the line between being classic and current.

Q: What has been the favorite piece you have sold of your designer partner?

A: This bow wallet is so sweet. I love the embossed leather and the size of it. 

Q: Anything else you would like to share about yourself…

A: I work in Fashion as a marketing consultant for designers and boutiques. Seeing so many beautiful things each day I end up shopping more than necessary. It’s so nice to be able to use Threadflip to help keep my closet fresh and uncluttered.


For more information on being a Full Service seller yourself, hit up our website:

Refresh your wardrobe for Fall while making 80% on all prices! How much money is in your closet?


Employee Highlight - Sarah Jura

It’s no secret; women in tech are hard to find. Especially creative women who speak ‘geek’ and can translate that into design that gets people excited! We lucked out when Sarah Jura knocked on our door four months ago.

Sarah is the eye behind the site and mobile design. Her eye for color and symmetry keep the Threadflip experience cohesive and fun for us all! So, we were curious to get to know her a little bit better, and thought you might be interested in what we found out.


Threadflip Closet:

How did you get started in technology?

Coming from a branding & marketing agency background in Chicago, designing product was a natural transition for me moving to San Francisco. I never truly had a background in print, I had always had a focus on the user experience. I started my design career focusing on interactive design during the “I need a website!” boom of 2004. With the need to keep up with technology, my design career has constantly been a rapid evolution for sure.

What is your favorite project that you worked on as a product designer?

My team and I have recently redesigned the navigational structure of our IOS app – dropping soon! I particularly enjoyed it because navigation is the root of the user experience. If you nail how users get to content, everything else tends to fall into the right places. I’m an organizational nut so I truly love designing this aspect of the product.

What has been your biggest struggle as a ‘woman in tech’?

Even before choosing this career path, I noticed the unbalance of women to men in tech. I was touring Purdue’s campus with my parents when I was a senior in high school and we stumbled upon the Technology building. When we walked in, I was excitedly greeted and given a private tour of the new department. Every computer lab we walked into was 100% male and my mom gave me a wink. Who knew that 6 years later I would meet my husband at work – a fellow designer in tech. Now, I keep seeing more and more opportunities for women in tech who design and code and I believe that the trend will keep growing!



What fashion brand became a favorite once you started shopping on TF?

Madewell, JCrew, Kate Spade Saturday, Splendid, James Perse, Loeffler Randall, Vince, Phillip Lim. I’ve always loved these brands because they mix & match perfectly for my style, but on Threadflip, I’ve found such great deals on these brands. Some were items I had missed out on in stores, so that was especially exciting to find them later.


Favorite *offline* place to shop? (‘Cause let’s be for real, we all know you shop Threadflip first online!)

So it’s not truly offline (yet), but I’m in love with Everlane. They make the perfect basics at an awesome price point. And, they’re trying out their first offline venture by offering a 1-hour delivery service here in SF. I’ll definitely be trying that out.

**Of course, Sarah’s favorite shop is online! What were we thinking asking a web designer an offline question?!**



Lisa Butterly - Burberry

Mmmmmmmm Burberry.

The pattern, classic silhouette… every moment in these timeless pieces is an absolute pleasure. As we gear up for Fall, the Burberry trench coat is an essential we just cannot live without.

Threadflip Top Seller, Lisa Butterly prides herself on her Burberry collection. She has been buying and selling the designer for years and has quite the stock! Click here to see them all in one cozy spot just for you.

Interested in becoming a top seller yourself? Find out more:

Tania - Totally Tory

Eeeek! We are so excited for the Tory Burch #NYFW show! The countdown is on, but you don’t have to wait to get your Tory.

Top #FullService Seller, Tania Anthony has all the Tory Burch you need.


  • Q: Where do you live?

  • A: Tribeca, NYC


  • Q: How long have you been selling consignment on Threadflip?

  • A: I discovered Threadflip about 9 months ago.


  • Q: What is it about the designer that makes you like to wear their clothes?

  • A: I gravitate toward classic and simple pieces, but ones that have an interesting twist which you usually find in the details or fabric textures, especially with higher end designer brands.


  • Q: What was the first item you purchased from your designer partner?

  • A: One of my favorite designers is Tory Burch, and my first piece was a cropped textured black trapeze jacket that you could wear with just about anything, but at the same time it was an interesting and unique statement piece that really held it’s own.


  • Q: How does Tory Burch allow you to express yourself?

  • A: I like clothing that’s both subtle, classic, and statement making at the same time which basically describes the Tory Burch aesthetic in a nutshell.


  • Q: What was your favorite Tory Burch piece you have sold?

  • A: One of my favorite Tory Burch pieces that I sold was a white leather Sgt. Pepper style jacket which I totally would have kept for myself, but it was just a little too big for me.


  • Q: Anything else you would like to share about yourself…

  • A: I am just really fortunate that I am able to make a living doing something I love. I started my business selling second hand designer clothes as a hobby a number of years ago, and it has since grown into a successful venture that’s been steadily expanding beyond the borders of NYC thanks to selling platforms like Threadflip.


Wanna see more of Tania? Click here to get her latest looks. And if you missed it, don’t forget to see Tory’s #NYFW show!

Also, here are some of the #ToryBurch items from Tania’s closet. Shop now for great sales on killer looks:

Flippin’ for #NYFW: Kick-off with BCBGMAXAZRIA

As we mentioned yesterday on Facebook, we are going to be following #FashionWeek with some of the greatest names in design… as seen on #Threadflip! We got together with some of our Top #FullService Sellers to give them some time to chat you up on their favorite designers.

We hope you tuned in to the show, but don’t worry if you missed it. Here’s the link to the #MBFW YouTube channel where you can catch up on all of the shows.

Okay ladies… here we go!

Kelly Alonso is perfect to kick things off. She happens to be head over heels for #BCBG and since they are starting the show we thought it was a match made in consignment heaven.

  • Q: Where do you live?

  • A: I live in beautiful and exciting, Miami, Florida! 

  • Q: How long have you been selling consignment on Threadflip?

  • A:I have been selling clothing and accessories on line since 2005.  I have been selling on Threadflip for about a year now. I am very impressed with the site, they make it very easy for customers to find and purchase good quality designer apparel.

  • Q: What is it about the designer that makes you like to wear their clothes?

  • A: BCBG is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. That says a lot about their “timeless” clothing line. Wearing their clothing easily makes you feel good about yourself! Maybe it’s the perfect fit, the quality of the fabric or the trend setting designs. Truthfully though, whatever it is, I LOVE the BCBG clothing line and so do a lot of my friends and customers!!

  • Q: What was the first item you purchased from your designer partner?

  • A: I remember one of the first items that I purchased - it was a BCBGMAXAZRIA gown I just had to have for PROM! It was a mint green chiffon type material and so gorgeous it made me feel like the only girl in the room! I have been hooked on BCBG ever since!

  • Q: How does your BCBG allow you to express yourself?

  • A: BCBG’s clothing line appeals to every personality style. Wearing their stylish line makes me feel confident and sexy in any situation. 

  • Q: What has been the favorite piece that you have sold of your designer partner?

  • A: I have a BCBGMAXAZRIA black dress on Threadflip right now that I had a very difficult time letting go of. The detailed embroidery and patchwork on it is very beautiful & unique!

  • Q: If you could tell your designer anything, what would it be?

  • A: HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY BCBG! I can’t wait to see what the next 25 years of your stylish fashions brings us!!

Here are *some* of the #BCBG items from Kelly’s closet. Shop now for great sales on killer looks: